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Zalman Shneur (1887 – 20 February 1959) was a prolific bilingual Yiddish and Hebrew poet and writer. He was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature.

At 1913 he had published a Hebrew poem “Yeme ha-benayim mitkarvim” (The Dark Ages Draw Nigh), a rhetorical tour de force in which the poet prophesied against the background of the Beilis blood libel trial, the approaching rebrutalization of European  poetic stature by adding to his other qualities that of a prophet, vivilization and    reemergence of a visceral, “medieval” antisemitism, enhanced Shneour’s poetic stature by adding to his other qualities that of a prophet.

Here is a English translation of the poem from Restless Spirit: Selected Writings of Zalman Shneour, English versions by Moshe Spiegel. New York; London: Thomas Yoseloff, 1963.

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השאר תגובה

אנו שמחים על תגובותיכם. מנגנון האנטי-ספאם שלנו מייצר לעתים דף שגיאה לאחר שליחת תגובה. אם זה קורה, אנא לחצו על כפתור 'אחורה' של הדפדפן ונסו שוב.

הזן את תגובתך!
הזן כאן את שמך

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