Cover of “shiach ha’itim” שיח העתים Asher Barash
Cover of the Hebrew edition of THE LAST IN TOLEDO from 1943. Painted by Nachum Gutman

To mark the 134th anniversary of the birth of the great Hebrew writer Asher Barash on March 15, 1889, here is his most famous story “The last in Toledo”, a story taking place during the time of the expulsion of the Jews from Spain at 1492. The story describes the fate of the last Jew who remained in the fanatical religious-racist Spain that hates the Jews.

But, of-course, it also has implications for later periods.

The story, originally published in Hebrew at 1940 during the time of Nazi persecution of the Jews in Europe, is also to any period when there is oppression of various groups by tyrannical religious and ideological establishments.

Read the story in the original Hebrew

The Editors

Openning of “The last in Toledo” from “Thought He slay me” by Asher Barash. Translation by Murray Roston, 1963
Front Cover of “Though He slay me” by Barash

Read also the afterword by Chaim Brandwein

From “Selected stories of Asher Barash”, New York, Tarbuth Foundation, 1969.

The cover of the book The last at Toledo 1943. Painter Nachum

Read also by Asher Barash in Yekum Tarbut


The Hebrew vrsion of THE LAST IN TOLEDO

In Marburg: a story of the last jew in a city at Germany at the time of the holocaust

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