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?�?�?�?? ?�?� ?�?�?� ?�?z?�?�???? ?�?????�?z?� ?�???Y ?????????z?Y ???? ?�?�?z?? ?z?�?�?�?? ?�?�??????A� ?�?z???? ?�?�?� ?�?�?� ???�?�?� ?�?�?z???� ?�?�?�????, ?�?�?�???�?? ?�???�?z???�?? ?�?z?�?�?????z?? ?�?? ?�?�?� ?�?Y ?�?�???�?�?Y ?�-14 ?�?z???� 1948.

?�?�???�?� ?�?? ?????????z?Y ?z?�?�?�?? ?�?�?�?�?�?�?? ?�?�?? ?z???�?????? ?�???�?�?�?� ?z?�?�?z????, ???? ?�?�?�?�?? ???? ?�?�?� ?�?s ?�???? ?�?�???� ???? ?z?�???�???�?�. ?????????z?Y ?�?�?�?� ?�?�???�?� ?�?�?�?�?? ?�?????�?� ???� ?????�?? ?z???�?z?� ?�?�?�, ?�?�?� ?�???�?Y ?�?�?�.

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?�O?O??sO� ?�O????zO�???�O?. ?�O�?�O??�O�???�O? ??O�??O�?�O�??O??�O? ???�O???O�?�O�?�O??�O�??.
?�O�?�O�?�O�O?????O�?? ?�O�??O�?�O?O??? ?�O�O????�O???O�?�?�O??? ?�O??�O�?�??O???O�??.

Image result for a��?z?�?� ?�?�???? ?????????z?Ya��a�Z

Image result for a��?????????z?Y ?�???�?? ?�?�?�?�???� 1947a��a�Z

"?z?�?� ?�?�????" ???�???�?? ???�?�?� ?�???�?�???�?? ?�?z?� ?�???z?�??:

?�?????�?�?? ?�?????�?�?Y ?????�?�???�??A� ?�?�?????? ?�?z?Y ?�?�?? ?????�?? ?�?�?????�?? ?�?z?�?�???� ?�- 1948:

The Silver Salver

Translated By

Herbert Jowarth


The living rampart : A�A�an anthology dedicated to the struggle of Israel. edited by YeudaHaezrahi, London: Zionist Youth Council, 1948

?�?????� ???�?�???�?? ?�?�?�?�?� ?�?? ?�?�???�?� :

The silver Salver

Translated by

Misha Louvish


Flag of freedom: an Independence Day handbook for teachers and youth leadersA�A� Jerusalem: Jewish National Fund, 1955.

?�?????� ???�?�???�?? ?�???�?�?�??:

We are the silver platterA� translated by Dom Moraes and T.carmiA� in THE jEWISH WORLD volumeA� 2 no14 December 1964

?�?????� ???�?�???�?? ???�?�???�??:

Image result for Alterman, Nathan, The Silver Platter, - in An Anthology,

No rattling of sabers :
an anthology of Israeli war poetry /A�translation and introduction by Esther Raizen.

Austin :A�Center for Middle Eastern Studies, University of Texas at Austin,A�c1995.

The Silver Platter

a�?No state is ever handed to a people on a silver platter.a�?
Chaim Weitzmann

a��and the land will have rest. The heavensa�� eye crimsons
And dims away slow
Over borders still smoking.
And the nation will rise a�� torn-hearted but breathinga��
To accept the one miracle
There is no other cominga��

She prepares for the rite. She wakes with the moon
And stands, ere the dawn, swathed in joy and in awe.
Then before her appear a�� a��
A boy and a girl
Marching, ever slowly, towards the fore of the nation.

Wearing full kits, and heavy of boot,
They rise in the path
Silent proceeding.
Their clothes are unchanged, watera��s not yet erased
A trace of daysa�� toil and nights spent under fire.

Tired without end, ascetics from rest,
Dripping with Hebrew youtha��s dews a��
The two approach quiet,
And motionless stand.
Not a sign if theya��re living, or if theya��ve been shot.

Then the nation will ask, washed in wonder and tears,
a�?Who are you?a�? And their silent reply:
a�?We are the silver platter
Upon which you were handed the state of the Jews.a�?

So they shall say. And fall to their feet in a shadowy veil.
And the rest shall be told in the annals of Israel.

translated from Hebrew and adaptedA� by JR Weill

" No people have ever received the gift of their state on a silver platter " (HaA?m Weizmann)

… All calm down on this earth,
in the last fires of dusk
While it sinks slowly into the night,
Surrounded by distant clouds.
It is there that the nation is drawn up,
- heart distressed but exciting …-,
Ready to accomplish its miracle,
Miracle unique and without return!Adorned for the ceremony,
appeared before the moon, Prepared well before dawn,
in adornment of feast and terror.
In front of her arrive then
Young boy and girl
And soft, very soft, they advance,
confronting their Nation.

Dressed in the ordinary, with belt, heavy boots,
They climb the path,
They walk without a word.
They have not changed their garment,
they have not washed with water
the traces of their day of toil
And their night on the fiery front line.
Exhausted from fatigue,
having sworn to be on guard without respite,
NimbA�s of the new fervor of the Hebrew people,
Both in silence approach
And without any gesture they stand straight.
No one knows if they are alive
or have been riddled with bullets.
Seizure of tears and stupor
the Nation calls them,
She asks: but who are you?
And to answer: it is we who are
the silver platter
On which the homeland of the Jews is offered to you.

So they spoke, crumbling at his feet,
wrapped in half-light …
And the rest will be told in the chronicles of Israel.

The Silver Platter

Natan Alterman

And the land grows still, the red eye of the skyA� slowly dimming over smoking frontiers

As the nation arises, Torn at heart but breathing, To receive its miracle, the only miracle

As the ceremony draws near,A� it will rise, standing erect in the moonlight in terror and joy

When across from it will step out a youth and a lass and slowly march toward the nation

Dressed in battle gear, dirty, Shoes heavy with grime, they ascend the path quietly

To change garb, to wipe their brow
They have not yet found time. Still bone weary from days and from nights in the field

Full of endless fatigue and unrested,
Yet the dew of their youth. Is still seen on their head

Thus they stand at attention, giving no sign of life or death

Then a nation in tears and amazement
will ask: "Who are you?"

And they will answer quietly, "We Are the silver platter on which the Jewish state was given."

Thus they will say and fall back in shadows
And the rest will be told In the chronicles of Israel

The Silver Platter

by Nathan AltermanTranslated from the Hebrew by David P. Stern

    …And the land will grow still
    Crimson skies dimming, misting
    Slowly paling again
    Over smoking frontiers

    As the nation stands up
    Torn at heart but existing
    To receive its first wonder
    In two thousand years

    As the moment draws near
    It will rise, darkness facing
    Stand straight in the moonlight
    In terror and joy

    …When across from it step out
    Towards it slowly pacing
    In plain sight of all
    A young girl and a boy

    Dressed in battle gear, dirty
    Shoes heavy with grime
    On the path they will climb up
    While their lips remain sealed

    To change garb, to wipe brow
    They have not yet found time
    Still bone weary from days
    And from nights in the field

    Full of endless fatigue
    And all drained of emotion
    Yet the dew of their youth
    Is still seen on their head

    Thus like statues they stand
    Stiff and still with no motion
    And no sign that will show
    If they live or are dead

    Then a nation in tears
    And amazed at this matter
    Will ask: who are you?
    And the two will then say

    With soft voice: We–
    Are the silver platter
    On which the Jews' state
    Was presented today

    Then they fall back in darkness
    As the dazed nation looks
    And the rest can be found
    In the history books.

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Image result for nathan alterman  Silbertablett

?????�?�?? ?????�???�?�??


Schiller, Ariel A�A�A�Caminante en su tiempo : A�A�la poesA�a de NatA?n Alterman / A�A�A�Granada : A�A�Universidad de Granada, A�A�1991.

?????�?�??A� ???�?�?�?�?z?� ???�???z?�?�??


Das Silbertablett

"Ein Staat wird einem Volk nicht auf einem Silbertablett praesentiert"
Chaim Weizmann, erster Praesident des Staates Israel

Die Erde entwickelt sich noch!
Der glaenzende Himmel wird langsam blasser
ueber rauchenden Grenzen.
Tief betruebt, aber immer noch am Leben, ist ein Volk bereit
Das Wunder zu begruessen.

Vorbereitet, warten sie unter dem Mond,
Eingehuellt in furchterregende Freude, vor dem Licht.
– dann, bald,
Ein Maedchen und ein Junge treten heraus,
Und gehen langsam vor die wartende Nation;

In Arbeitskleidung und schweren Schuhen
Klettern sie
In Stille.
Sie tragen noch das
Gewand der Schlacht, den Schmutz
Des schmerzenden Tages und der feuererfuellten Nacht

Ungewaschen, erschoepft bis zum Tod, Ruhe nicht kennend,
Tragen sie ihre Jugend wie Tautropfen im Haar,
– still kommen die beiden naeher
und stehen.
Gehoeren sie zu den Lebenden oder den Toten?

Durch staunende Traenen starrt das Volk.
a�zWer seid ihr, ihr stillen zwei?"
Und sie antworten: a�z Wir sind das Silbertablett
Auf dem euch der juedische Staat serviert wurde."

Und sprechend, fallen sie in den Schatten, zu Fuessen der Nation.
Der Rest moege in Israels Chroniken erzaehlt werden

Image result for a��?z?�?� ?�?�???? ?�?�?�???? ?�???�?Ya��a�Z

?�?z???� ????:

?�?�?�???? ?�???�?Y ?�?? ???? "?z?�?� ?�?�????" ?�???�?Y ?�?? ?�?�???�?? ?�?�???� ?�-1973

?�?�?�???? ?�???�?Y ?�?? ???? "?z?�?� ?�?�????" ?�???�?Y ?�?? ?�?�?�?? ?�?�?�?z?Y ?�-2001

?�?�?�???? ?�???�?Y ?�?? ???? "?z?�?� ?�?�????" ?�???�?Y ?�?? ???�???� ?�???�?� ?�-2017

?z???�?�?�A� ?�???�?? ?z???�?? ???? ?�???�?�?? "?z?�?� ?�?�????"

?�?Y ?????�?? ?z???�?� ???? ???�???�?�?? "?z?�?� ?�?�????"

?�?????� ???�?� ???? "?z?�?� ?�?�????":

?�?Y ?????�??: ?z?�?� ?�?�???? ?�???�?�?�?? ?�?�???�?�?�?? ?�?�?�

?�?�?�?� ?�?z?�?? ???? ?�?????�?�?Y ?�?�?�?????�???�?�???�?�?� ?�?? "?z?�?� ?�?�????"

???�???� ?z?�?�?�:?�?�?�???? ?�???�?�?? ?�???�???�?�?? ?�?�?????? :? �?s ?�???� ?????????z?Y ???? "?z?�?� ?�?�????"

?�?Y ???� ?????� ???? "?z?�?� ?�?�????" ?�?�?????� ?�?�???� ?�?�?�???�??

?�?�?�?�???�?? ?�?�?�?�?? ?�?? "?z?�?� ?�?�????"

?�?�???�?� ???? "?z?�?� ?�?�????"

"?z?�?� ?�?�????" ?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�?�

"?�?�?? ?�?? ?z?�?� ?�?�???? " ?�?z?�?�?????? ???�?�?�?� ?�?z?Y ???�?�?� ?�???�???�?? ?�?�???�???�?? ??"?z?�?� ?�?�????" ?�?? ?????????z?Y

אודות אלי אשד

סופר, מרצה ובלש תרבות. פרסם את הספרים "מטרזן ועד זבנג" - סיפורה של הספרות הפופולארית הישראלית" ( "בבל" 2003) ו"הגולם -סיפורו של קומיקס ישראלי" עם אורי פינק ( "מודן" 2003). פרסם מאמרים רבים בעיתונות, בכתבי עת וברשת בנושאי ספרות ותרבות פופולארית, מדע בדיוני, קומיקס ועוד.
הפוסט הזה פורסם בתאריך שירה עם התגים , , , , . קישור קבוע.

2 תגובות על ?z?�?� ?�?�???? – ?�?�???�?� ?�?�???????�?? ?�?? ?�???Y ?????????z?Y ?????�?? 70 ?�?�?� ???�?????�?z?�

  1. מאת אלי אשד:‏

    בדיקה יסודית ביותר חשפה תרגומים של "מגש הכסף " לאנגלית ולרוסית ולספרדית .אבל לא לשפות אחרות.
    אם מישהו מכיר תרגומים של הבלדה לשפות כמו צרפתית ,גרמנית איטלקית וכו' הוא מוזמן לשלוח אותם אלי :
    ונשלב גם אותם כרשמה למעלה.
    מטרתנו ברשימות מעין אלה היא להביא תרגומים בכמה שיותר שפות של שירים עבריים קלאסיים ולהראות בכך כיצד התמודדו עימם בשפות ובתרבויות שונות.
    כפי שעשינו למשל ברשימה על השיר "אני מאמין " של שאול טשרניחובסקי " ששם הבאנו תרגומים של השיר לאנגלית ליידיש לצרפתית ולרוסית.
    ראו :
    אני מאמין -שיר חייו של שאול טשרניחובסקי

  2. מאת אורן:‏

    אשמח אם תוכל לצרף מקורות לתמונות אותן הצגת

כתיבת תגובה

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